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6streams is the name of a live-streaming platform, specialized in broadcasting sports events. The service is free for the viewer and earns from the advertising, which allows people from all over the world to watch the most interesting games of the NFL, NHL, and other leagues, without being charged for it.

Meaning and history

6streams offers their visitors to watch all the games and sports events, which are usually only available by subscription on other websites. Here you can always find the live streaming of NBA, NFL, or any other league games, and fully enjoy it, without any registration or payment.

6streams Emblem

What are 6streams?

 6streams is an online platform, created for people to be able to watch live sports games for free. The service provides its users with the opportunity to watch all the possible sports events, without charging anything.

In terms of visual identity, 6streams is very inventive and fun. The platform is using the logo, based on one of the most iconic sports-world badges ever created.

2020 – Today

6streams Logo

The 6streams emblem is the modified NBA badge, the iconic blue and red vertically oriented banner with the white silhouette of a player with the basketball ball. The only difference here is the Alien-style head of the player. The alien idea was taken from the official emblem of Reddit, the famous social media platform. The funny ellipsoid creature has been its symbol for years.

As for the lettering part of the 6streams visual identity, it is also set in the blue and red color palette, and glued to the right side of the emblem. The “Markky Streams” inscription is set in two levels, with both lines written in the lowercase of a simple yet stylish sans-serif typeface, but with the top blue “Markky” featuring a larger size of the letters, than the bottom red “Streams”.