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Volokit is the name of one of the world’s most famous free streaming services for sports programs and events. The platform gives you access to various sports content from different countries all over the globe. Today the platform gets around 200 thousand visits daily, with its main audience in the USA and Canada.

Meaning and history

Volokit is a web platform that gives you access to live sports events in any place in the world. All major championships and competitions can be watched there, and absolutely for free. Although, not all counties allow you to access Volokit, thus in some cases you will have to use the VPN address.

Volokit.live is considered to be not only one of the most visited sport streaming platforms, but also the largest sports-fans community, as the website offers various forums and groups, where you can discuss the current and upcoming games, and the topics which are far from sports as well.

So if you a fan of any sports league, or just enjoy watching good games, Volokit is the place to be. Not easy to find a league, that is not covered by the service: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, MMA, Boxing, UFC, and many many more.

What is Volokit?
Volokit is an online streaming service, where people can watch all the possible sports championships online and absolutely for free. The platform covers all sports disciplines and all levels of competition, so literally, every sports fan will find something to watch here.

Volokit Logo

Volokit Logo

In terms of visual identity, Volokit has always been pretty conservative and modest. Its emblem, which looks like it was just drawn in simple pencil on a napkin, is something you don’t even notice from first sight, as the platform is all about streaming and communicating, not labeling or showing off.

The emblem is executed in a light shade of gray, with the white dialogue bubble in a simple circular shape, placed on a drop-like banner in gray. The banner looks like a location pin but is placed diagonally, with the sharp angle facing to the bottom left corner of the logo.

As for the lettering, on the official primary logo version of Volokit, there is none. Although, on the website, the graphical emblem is usually followed by the name of the portal, written in a simple modern sans-serif typeface, in white, and placed on a solid black background. The inscription looks strict and simple, yet evokes a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness, making people feel comfortable and secure while using the streaming services and communication platforms of Volokit.

The combination of gray, white, and black colors is not very usual from anything sports-related, but in this particular case, it works just fine, making the logo timeless and actual. It also balances well any bright and intense league logo, not switching attention from it, but elevating the whole look.

Font and color

The modest and simple visual identity of the Volokit Community is based on a clean traditional logotype in the title case. The bold stable letters of the badge feature classic shapes and clean cuts of the lines. The closest fonts to the one, used in the Volokit inscription, are Akhbar Bold and Arial Arabic Bold.

The color palette of the Volokit visual identity is as simple as its font — the black lettering on a white background. Although, sometimes the letters can be written in dark gray. This color scheme looks serious and strict, pointing to the professionalism of the platform and the quality of its content.