eBay Logo

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eBay Logo
The only notable redesign the eBay logo has seen so far resulted in a more professional and cleaner look.

Meaning and history

eBay Logo history

eBay Inc. was established in 1995 by the French-American entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar. The first item sold was a broken laser pointer. Originally, the auction was a side hobby for Omidyar, but the company’s IPO in 1998 made him a billionaire.

Original symbol

eBay symbol
When the platform was launched, it didn’t have a real logo. All you could see was a simple lettering “EBAY” in black capital letters (all given in the Times New Roman font).
The same year, it was replaced by a professional logo designed by Elissa Davis from CKS Partners in California. In fact, it was her first project at the company. She colored each of the letters in a bright color and placed them at a different height.
As Davis later recalled, she was inspired by the palette of the Apple logo and the fun movement of the popular game Twister. The overlapping glyphs were supposed to reflect the sense of community characteristic for the platform.

The 2012 emblem

eBay emblem
In the fall of 2012, the company unveiled their new logo. It was developed by the US brand consultancy Lippincott, a well-known brand strategy and design company. When announcing the new emblem, the eBay mentioned that it was supposed to symbolize the way the customer experience had changed, the fact that it had become “cleaner, more contemporary, and consistent.”
In what way were these concepts reflected on the logo? To begin with, the glyphs now didn’t overlap. Also, the zigzag effect was gone: the letters were lined up. The shift in the palette and the “Y” only emphasized the more consistent and serious look of the emblem.

The name of the brand included the originally desired name – Echo Bay – and the bitterness of the fact that the domain name was taken. However, since the first days of its operation, this Internet project has been known for its openness and focus on development. The evidence is hidden in its colored letters – each painted in its own color – which make up the logo. And, of course, the constant expansion of the product line.

To sum up, while the first version was highly distinctive, it brought to mind a quirky startup. The updated emblem, in its turn, better fit an established tech company – something the shareholders were probably pleased to see.


ebay original logo
Apart from the first version (which didn’t actually have the status of an official logo), the eBay logo has always been based on the Univers typeface. This fact may surprise you, as, at first glance, the current logo looks in no way like the previous one. That’s because the original logo featured a bolder version of the Univers font, while the current logo sported a thinner one. Also, the capital “Y” of the first wordmark was replaced by a lowercase one.


pictures of ebay logo
The palette has always included four colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. However, the second version of the logo features slightly different, lighter shades.