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Yitarx is the name of a web portal with a huge collection of movies, series in the Spanish language, along with music, available to download for free and with no registration. The website has a clean and bright interface and an easy-to-use menu, so everyone can find what he is looking for.

Meaning and history

On Yitatx you can browse through content to download in different categories: movies, series, music, and even adult videos. All the files are available to download through torrent for free and without registration.

The website is conveniently designed and is updated daily, so here you can be confident in not kissing the latest release of your favorite series. All content is available in Spanish (both Latin and Castellano).

What is Yitarx?

Yitarx is a Spanish-language web portal with a huge selection of movies, series, and music available to download through torrent. The website is free and easy to use and has all the latest episodes and films available for visitors.

As for the visual identity of the website, is more than simple in its composition, but bright and intense in terms of colors.

2020 – Today

Yitarx Logo

The logotype, used for the Yitarx website features only the name of the site, set in bold sans-serif letters, in bright and juicy orange color over a white background. The inscription is set in a font, which is very similar to Helvetica Family fonts.

The main thing here is of course the color of the wordmark. Bright orange can be seen not only in the lettering but all over the website, in small icons and decorative banners. This color evokes a sense of energy and friendliness and makes the visitor feel comfortable and safe while downloading the videos from Yitarx.