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Clickup is an application developed by Mango Technologies, an American company based in California, United States. ClickUp shows itself as a service helping you organize your work life. With ClickUp, you can group all your documents, business affairs, contacts, jobs, future meetings and many other things in structured lists. There is also a chat to communicate with your colleagues. This software is very suitable for people who want to achieve maximum performance in their work by sparing the time they spend on scrolling chaotically organized files.

Meaning and history

ClickUp program appeared in 2017. From the start, it was a software thought as a system to systemize all of your work affairs, including meetings, your colleagues contacts, objectives for a day and project information. The idea of minimizing the time spent on searching for docs went with the brand throughout its history. It’s even reflected in ClickUp slogan, ‘Save one day every week’. Their name also depicts that – using Clickup, you don’t have to spend time on finding your file, just click up on the needed list and choose the doc.

What is ClickUp?
ClickUp is a brand of a mobile and computer software, programmed by Mango Technologies Company in 2017. It’s a system allowing you to structure your work and business acquaintances, files, affairs and events you have to participate in it, as well as your goals on a job. You can also talk to your partners in a chat incorporated into the soft. This is a very comfortable program if you want to reduce the amount of time you’re spending on endless googling of information instead of carrying your projects.

2017 – today

ClickUp Logo

ClickUp first logotype features a schematic emblem and an inscription with the name of the brand. The emblem consists of a pointer and a circular line placed below it. The whole emblem is probably supposed to remind a cursor pointing up. The name is written as a whole word, with the first ‘C’ and ‘U’ having a capitalized style.


ClickUp Symbol

The brand’s main font is Axiforma. It has a bold, sans-serif style with fewer gaps between letters. Sometimes, they use a similar font in their corporate materials – Gotham Pro. It has all the same features as Axiforma, but its lines are narrower, and the letters themselves are smaller.


ClickUp Emblem


The coloring of the application’s brand identity has a bright and playful vibe. It’s captured dark and bright shades of blue, as well as pink and orange. In the logo, every shade has its own place: the upper arrow pointer has a gradient pink and orange style; the circular stripe also features a gradient, but this time from dark blue to a bright one. The inscription, by the way, has a contrasting coloring: it’s black. Sometimes, the coloring of the whole logo may turn to full black or white, but it depends on the background.