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The Yelp corporation hasn’t experimented much with its logo so far. The original design, which was introduced around the company inception, was replaced in several months by a new logo that has remained almost unchanged since then.

Meaning and history

Yelp Logo history

The original logotype was created around the time when the company was founded. The cartoonish emblem was developed by Chad Hurley, cofounder of YouTube. The name of the company, which was given in yellow capitals with a thin black frame, was followed by an exclamation mark. The lettering placed in a speech bubble stretched outside the borderline.

How was the logo developed

logo Yelp

The iconic design with a burst was developed by Michael Ernst, who was the company’s creative director at the time. Ernst was hired by the Yelp co-founder and CEO Jeremy Stoppelman in 2004, when it was just a start-up. The designer was asked to give both the brand and its web resource a new look.

Ernst created almost a hundred sketches varying in the core metaphor and design elements. Some of the sketches developed the idea of speech balloons, but Stoppelman didn’t want to dwell upon it. Some other ideas included abstract shapes and even a dog (with a reference to the noise it makes). Also, the team wanted to replace the exclamation mark with something more recognizable.

Eventually, Ernst found the inspiration for the design in comic books, where a little star was shown above a hero’s head whenever he discovered something interesting. It also seemed to conjure up an idea of self-expression, of bringing your opinion into the world. The earliest versions of the burst design looked too much like a flower, so the designer tried to move in the direction of a more abstract shape.

Primary symbol

yelp symbol

The current Yelp logo features the brand name in rounded lowercase letters given in black. To the right, there is a burst symbol resembling a flower or a pizza. Both the lettering and the image have a white outline. They are given on the red background. Alternatively, the full color logo can be given on the white background. The brand guidelines do not recommend any other color versions or additional transformations.

Old logos

Old logos Yelp

In fact, the current emblem doesn’t look exactly as Michael Ernst designed it back in 2004. There’ve been a couple of minor modifications and versions.

Burst emblem

yelp emblem

When the primary logo doesn’t fit (for instance, in social media or in case of size or format restrictions), the burst icon is used. Typically, the burst is white in a red square with rounded corners. A red burst on the white background may be used as an alternative.


As Ernst later explained, his original intention was to use only capitals, except for the “e” – he wanted it to be lowercase. He also considered several slab serif treatments. Yet, eventually he came to the rounded font Mesmer, which created a relaxed, laid-back mood. He didn’t leave it as it was, though, modifying the glyphs to give them a “touch of irreverence.”


Colors Yelp logo

In addition to white and black, the Yelp logo features an eye-catching shade of red (#d32323).