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Xbox Live is a Microsoft gaming service, which was launched in 2002. The platform was designed in order to provide Xbox console users with the latest media and online gaming options.

Meaning and history

Xbox Live Logo history

2002 — 2010

Xbox Live Logo 2002
While the old Xbox logo looked pretty different from the current one, you can notice a couple of similarities. For instance, the green “X” emblem inspired by a four-pointed star. The extended middle bar in the “B” also has been present in the logo since its first version.
However, the old logo looked more dramatic and bright due to the dark background and the combination of neon green with gold nuances. The light above the “I” only reinforced this effect.

2005 — 2013

Xbox Live Logo 2005
This version already looks calmer due to the disappearance of the black background and the light above the “i.” Still, the letters in the word “Live” features a gold gradient making it look like hot melted metal or the fire itself.
While the “B” has preserved its extended end, the shape of the letter isn’t flat anymore. Due to this, it looks closer to the current version.

2012 — 2013

Xbox Live Logo 2012
The logo has grown even calmer. The “fiery” glyphs were replaced by simple white ones. The wordmark was placed inside a green rectangle. The shade of green lost its neon (or chartreuse) quality – it now looks more natural (and less unique, due to this).

2013 — Today

The Xbox Live visual identity repeats its mother brand logo, with the only difference — a wordmark.

The Xbox Live logo is composed of an iconic Xbox emblem with the nameplate under it. The color palette of the logo is also the same – white, green and gray.

The Xbox emblem is a white sphere with an “X” cut, from where the green light comes out. It is a futuristic and strong symbol, which is instantly recognizable all over the world.

The Xbox Live wordmark in all the capitals is executed in a fine and light sans-serif typeface with the middle mar of “B” elongated, which adds playfulness.

Xbox Live Logo

The “Xbox” part of the inscription is colored green, while the “Live” — gray. The calm yet bright color palette of the Xbox Live visual identity symbolizes progress and innovations. Green stands for growth and a new life, while gray adds a sense of stability and reliability. White — is a commonly known symbol of unity and loyalty.