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Goojara is the name of a website with a huge selection of movies and series, available for online streaming and downloading. The service is completely free, so anyone can find something to watch here without any registration or payments.

Meaning and history

Goojara is one of the most popular websites in its category, due to the large collection of movies and tv-shows available online. The platform is very well organized and has a broad catalog, where you can easily find what you want. On Goojara you can search by categories, or by the name of the movie.

What is Goojara?

Goojara is the online platform for streaming and downloading movies and series. The website also offers a large selection of animations, and everything can be watched here at no charge.

 In terms of visual identity the platform is pretty simple, it uses the name of the website as its main logo and a small bright icon for mobile devices. The simplicity of the emblem is balanced with the broadness of the movies catalog available to watch on the website for free.

2021 – Today

Goojara Logo

The Goojara logo is composed of a clean and minimalist wordmark, written in the uppercase of a traditional and modest sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to such fonts as Arial Regular and M Hei Medium. The “Goojara” in all-capitals is followed by the lowercase “to” after the dot. The whole inscription is set in white color and placed on a calm blue background, which evokes a sense of professionalism and reliability.

As for the icon of the website, it is a usual “Play” button, but with the angles slightly softened. The triangle on the Goojara logo is set in bright green with a darker outline. Green is the color, mostly associated with growth and progress, and it does correlate with the website a lot, as Goojara is being updated daily, providing its visitors with all the latest releases.

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