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Wyoming Cowboys is the name of one of the NCAA football clubs, established in 1893 at the University of Wyoming. By today the team has won several titles and is considered to be a pretty successful club, winning 14 championships without the conference. Wyoming Cowboys is coached by Craig Bohl.

Meaning and history

Wyoming Cowboys Logo history

The visual identity of Wyoming Cowboys is fully based on the official logo of the Wyoming State and has never been changed since the day of its inception in 1965. The use of the main symbol of its state says a lot about the team, its patriotism, and the value of the roots and legacy. The iconic logo, which is commonly known as the “Bucking Horse and Rider”, was only slightly refined in 2006, keeping all the essential elements and colors.

1965 – 2006

Wyoming Cowboys Logo 1965

The brown image of the cowboy riding a graceful bronco was adopted as the club’s emblem in 1965. It was a medium-brown silhouette, with smooth sleek lines and no color accents, which looked elegant and stylish, being a celebration of the team’s motherland and showing its players strong characters.

2006 – Today

Wyoming Cowboys logo

The logo was redesigned only in 2006, but it was more refinement, as did not bring anything new to the concept, just a yellow outline and a darker shade of brown. The new color palette made the whole logo look more confident and professional, and the yellow outlines made it possible to placed the badge on the various backgrounds without losing its visibility and distinction.

Alternate Logo

As for the alternate logo of the football club, it uses the same image as the primary one does, but adds whether a “Wyoming” or a “Cowboy” lettering under the graphical part, executing it in all capitals of a custom typeface. There are also three main versions of the color scheme available for the alternate logo, they repeat the variation of the secondary one.

Font and color

Wyoming Cowboys Font

The elegant and recognizable custom typeface of the Wyoming Cowboys logo featured wishbone-style letters, based on a traditional fir the Universities sports league serif font, the one close to Sporting Life JNL or Campione Neue Serif Bold. Though the softened lines with pointed elements add some uniqueness and individuality to the logotype, it still looks timeless and confident.

The original brown and yellow color palette of the Wyoming Cowboys visual identity has been only elevated throughout the years, bringing a more intense brown, resembling dark chocolate and evoking a sense of warmth, seriousness, and top quality in everything. The yellow accents of the logo represent energy and dynamics, showing the team as a growing and progressing one.

Wyoming Cowboys Colors

RGB: (255, 197, 37)
CMYK: (0, 24, 94, 0)

HEX COLOR: #492F24;
RGB: (73, 47, 36)
CMYK: (53, 72, 77, 57)