Duke Blue Devils Logo

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Duke Blue Devils Logo
The name of the Duke University athletic programs was inspired by the history of the Chasseurs Alpins, a group of French soldiers who fought in World War I. The name “Blue Devils” received much support during the name contest held by the student newspaper in 1921. It was officially adopted two years later in spite of the opposition on the Methodist campus.

Meaning and history

Duke Blue Devils Logo history

The Duke Blue Devils logo unveiled in 1936 featured a very distinctive devil character. While having such attributes as horns and “wicked” angular facial features, it possessed unique charm and style.
For reasons unknown, the charismatic blue devil of 1936 was replaced by a cartoonish, plain logo in 1948. Instead of the noble face and divine fury of the previous character, we now saw a caricature. The devil was depicted in full height with a trident in his hands.
In 1955, a new devil was introduced. Although he did not look like the previous one, he shared its cartoonish style and had nothing charismatic or the least bit impressive about him.
The Duke Blue Devils logo went through two more updates (1966 and 1971) before it adopted its current look in 1978.

Duke Blue Devils basketball

Duke Blue Devils basketball logo
The university is proud of its men’s basketball team, which is considered the fourth-winning college basketball program of all time. One of its main achievements has been that it has won the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship five times. The women’s basketball team, which became a national powerhouse during the 1990s and 2000s, is also quite competitive.

Duke Blue Devils football

Duke Blue Devils football logo
As for the football team, its most successful period has probably taken place in the late 1980s when they had three consecutive winning seasons. 1994 was also a very successful year when the team was ranked as #13 in the US for a short time.

Duke Blue Devils soccer

Duke Blue Devils soccer logo
The women’s soccer team cannot boast a very long history – it started only in 1988. Nevertheless, they have already won ACC regular-season championship three times. They have competed in the NCAA Women’s soccer tournament over 20 times and have competed for the College Cup three times. The men’s soccer team, which is by far older (founded in 1935), has won its only NCAA tournament in 1986.

Duke Blue Devils hockey

Duke Blue Devils hockey logo
The team fielded in 1903 has belonged to the Atlantic Coast Conference since 1954. It plays its home games at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. As of 2019, the team is coached by Chris Pollard, who has occupied this position since 2013. The Blue Devils have appeared in three College World Series in six NCAA Tournaments.