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IKEA is a Scandinavian furniture manufacturing company, which was created in 1943 in Sweden. The corporation specializes in the design and production of ready-to-assemble pieces and has more than 400 stores across the globe. The brand is extremely popular for its modern design and affordable prices and is the number one interior shopping destination for millions of people worldwide.

Meaning and history

IKEA logo history

The most iconic furniture manufacturing company in history, IKEA, was founded in 1943 and named after its founder, Ingvar Kamprad and his native village. The first logo for the company appeared only in 1951 and looked like a classic seal with cursive letters. It didn’t last long and in 1952 the visual identity already started gaining the contours of the logo we all know today.
The color palette of the company’s visual identity was based in the shades of brown until 1955 and was changed to yellow and black, a combination, which stayed with the brand until the end of the 1970s. There was a short period of time when IKEA was using the red and white palette, but soon, in 1982, the iconic blue and yellow color scheme was adopted.
The prototype of the current logo was introduced in the 1950s. It was a diagonally placed oval with a bold sans-serif inscription. The oval was placed inside a contrasting rectangle and has some additional lettering above and under it.
The last redesign of the IKEA logo was held in 2019 and didn’t bring any major changes, just slightly modified contours and colors. And today the logo is composed of a yellow oval, placed inside a blue rectangle. The wordmark in all capitals is executed in blue and placed over the oval.
The badge was redesigned by the Stockholm-based Seventy design bureau. The designers brought a new typeface and calmer colors to the furniture manufacturer’s visual identity, making it more elegant and professional. The inscription is now bigger than on the previous logo, which adds a sense of confidence and strength.
The yellow and blue color palette of the company’s logo is a reflection of creativity and imagination, along with authority and trustworthiness. The brand, known for its stylish design concepts, values individuality and quality, which is brilliantly reflected in their visual identity.


IKEA Symbol
The existing IKEA logo represents the company’s name (blue characters) placed inside a yellow ellipse, which, in its turn, is placed inside a rectangular shape. The rectangular shape features the very same tint of blue as the letters.

Emblem Criticism

IKEA Emblem Criticism
Although the IKEA emblem is instantly identifiable, quite a few designers criticize it for being severely dated. Hardly a surprise taking into consideration that IKEA has been using almost the same insignia since 1967.
ikea family logo
For instance, the design company Freytag Anderson even created an experimental updated IKEA emblem for the Icon magazine. Preserving the bold type and the color scheme, the designers opted for a cleaner font and got rid of the oval claiming that it spoils the legibility at smaller scales.


Font of the IKEA Logo
The wordmark in all capitals is executed in a custom bold typeface, which is probably based on Magnum Sans Serif Extra Black, but with tiny, almost invisible, sharp serifs, which add play fullness and sophistication to the thick lines of the letters.


The blue and yellow colors of the logo are also the colors of the Swedish flag, so they remind of the company’s origin. The combination was first used in 1977 and became official in 1983.