One of the world’s strongest brands, IKEA was established in Sweden in 1943. The retail company specializing in ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories is renowned for its modern architectural designs.
The word IKEA, which is the base of the logo, is an acronym. The first two letters are the initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, while the 3rd and the 4th letters were taken from the names of his hometown and the farm where he grew up.

Meaning and history

IKEA logo history

IKEA names its first logo the one that was introduced in 1951. The words “ikea” and “kvalitets garanti” (Quality Guarantee) were placed into something that looked very much like a seal. Negative (white) letters appeared on the maroon background.
However, the “Seal” logo didn’t stay long. As soon as in 1954 a completely new symbol was introduced. It included negative (white) inscription “IKEA”, this time in capitals, on the brown background with a golden undertone.
The emblem introduced in 1967 looks very much the same as the one that is used today. It has changed very little throughout the years, remaining a consistent symbol of the company in business. The most important changes were made in the color and font.


IKEA Symbol
The existing IKEA logo represents the company’s name (blue characters) placed inside a yellow ellipse, which, in its turn, is placed inside a rectangular shape. The rectangular shape features the very same tint of blue as the letters.

Emblem Criticism

IKEA Emblem Criticism
Although the IKEA emblem is instantly identifiable, quite a few designers criticize it for being severely dated. Hardly a surprise taking into consideration that IKEA has been using almost the same insignia since 1967.
ikea family logo
For instance, the design company Freytag Anderson even created an experimental updated IKEA emblem for the Icon magazine. Preserving the bold type and the color scheme, the designers opted for a cleaner font and got rid of the oval claiming that it spoils the legibility at smaller scales.


Font of the IKEA Logo
The current version of the IKEA logo features a bold type. It is close to the Futura Press font, yet doesn’t coincide with it, having characteristic brackets on its 2nd and 4th characters. The current shape of the letters was adopted in 1981. The 1967 version featured a slightly different typeface, with thinner letters.


The blue and yellow colors of the logo are also the colors of the Swedish flag, so they remind of the company’s origin. The combination was first used in 1977 and became official in 1983.