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The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, has a pretty cluttered, yet memorable athletic emblem featuring a griffin.

Meaning and history

William and Mary Tribe Logo history

In 1893, the William and Mary Tribe emerged as a cornerstone of collegiate athletics at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. This athletic initiative was not just a mere sports endeavor but a symbol of collegiate ambition and spirit. From its early days, the Tribe carved out a distinct identity in the competitive world of college sports, building a foundation that has stood the test of time.

Central to the Tribe’s history are its remarkable achievements. It has been a breeding ground for exceptional talent, nurturing athletes who have excelled at national and international levels, including the Olympics. The program’s influence extends beyond the field, contributing significantly to the evolution of collegiate sports regulations. Its role in shaping the standards and ethics of college athletics is a notable facet of its legacy.

As of today, the William and Mary Tribe continues to thrive, blending its historical ethos with modern athletic practices. This synthesis of tradition and innovation keeps the program at the forefront of collegiate sports. It’s not just an athletic program; it’s a symbol of enduring excellence and a beacon for future generations of student-athletes, embodying a commitment to both physical prowess and academic rigor.

What is William and Mary Tribe?
Representing the College of William & Mary, the William and Mary Tribe is a distinguished athletic program, renowned for its dynamic blend of sportsmanship and scholarly excellence. It stands as a multifaceted entity in collegiate sports, emphasizing both athletic achievement and the holistic development of its student-athletes.


William and Mary Tribe Logo-1959
The first logo for the athletic team of College of William and Mary was introduced in 1959 and featured a simple traditional combination of two main letters of the team’s name — “W” and “M”. The “W” was drawn in green and placed behind the yellow “M”; which was a bit smaller in size. Both letters were written in a modern serif typeface with thick straight lines and square massive serifs.


William and Mary Tribe Logo-1974
The redesign of 1974 refined the logo of the team and made it look more professional. The two letters in this version were placed one above another and drawn in intense green with a thin yellow and green outline. The letters were accompanied by a graphical emblem — two yellow and green feathers combing out of the “M” to the right side of the badge.


William and Mary Tribe Logo-2004
In 1974 the feathers were gone from the logo and the overall style of the badge became more elegant and traditional. The letters were now placed in one e and separated by a fine curved ampersand, written in the same green and yellow color palette as the main characters. As for “W” and “M”, they were written in extra thick serif typeface with old-style silhouettes and contours.


William and Mary Tribe Logo-2009
The redesign of 2009 introduced a new logo, without the “WM” monogram. The new insignia of the team was composed of a smooth “Tribe” lettering set diagonally and written in dark green with a thin yellow outline. The lines of the logotype were smooth and clean, with the softened angles and sharp slightly curved ends of the letters.


William and Mary Tribe Logo-2016
The logo was refined again in 2016, keeping the “Tribe” inscription and its color palette basically untouched, the green was elevated to a brighter shade, the outline became a bit bolder, and the smooth curved underline in the same palette was added to the inscription, making it look like a classy script nameplate. The “William & Mary” in white uppercase serif font was written along the smooth green underline of the badge.

2018 – Today

William and Mary Tribe Logo

The griffin, which is a mythical creature with the eagle’s head and lion’s body, became the school’s official mascot in 2010. However, it was not until 2018 that it made it to the William and Mary Tribe logo.

Before the griffin logo, the college used primarily typographic wordmarks.

What is William And Mary Tribe?
William and Mary Tribe is the name of the athletic team from the college in Williamsburg in the United States. The name of the college is William&Mary, thus the name of the sports club was derived from it.

William and Mary Tribe Colors

HEX COLOR: #115740;
RGB: (17, 87, 64)
CMYK: (89, 19, 72, 60)

RGB: (240, 179, 35)
CMYK: (0, 31, 100, 0)