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Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, sponsors a variety of varsity teams, including both men’s and women’s teams. The RedHawks are a member of the Mid-American Conference.

Meaning and history

Miami (Ohio) RedHawks logo history

The Miami (Ohio) RedHawks, a pivotal entity in collegiate athletics, originated as part of Miami University’s sports program, which dates back to the university’s founding in 1809 in Oxford, Ohio. This period marked the emergence of a significant sports culture within the university, leading to the establishment of various athletic teams. The RedHawks, known for their crimson and white colors, have carved a distinct identity in collegiate sports, especially in ice hockey, football, and basketball.

Their ice hockey team, a beacon of excellence, reached the pinnacle of success with an appearance in the NCAA men’s ice hockey championship game in 2009. This remarkable achievement highlighted the team’s exceptional skill and dedication. In football, the RedHawks have a storied history with several Mid-American Conference (MAC) championships, showcasing their dominance in the region. The basketball team, not to be outdone, has also made significant contributions to the university’s athletic reputation with impressive performances in numerous tournaments.

Today, the Miami (Ohio) RedHawks continue to uphold their tradition of athletic excellence. They are known not only for their competitive spirit in sports but also for fostering academic growth and personal development among their athletes. The RedHawks symbolize the rich heritage and enduring values of Miami University, maintaining a robust presence in NCAA Division I sports. Their continued success and commitment to both athletics and academics make them a venerable institution in collegiate sports.

What is Miami (Ohio) RedHawks?
The Miami (Ohio) RedHawks represent more than just an athletic team; they are an integral part of Miami University’s spirit and tradition. Competing in NCAA Division I, the RedHawks have made an indelible mark in sports such as ice hockey, football, and basketball. They epitomize athletic excellence, academic achievement, and personal growth, embodying the values and legacy of one of Ohio’s oldest universities. Their impact on collegiate sports is profound, stretching beyond victories to include shaping well-rounded individuals.


Miami (Ohio) RedHawks Logo-1979

While the older Miami (Ohio) RedHawks logo featured a Native American, the university later refused from the Indian symbolism.


Miami (Ohio) RedHawks Logo-1992

The reason for using the Native American symbolism was that the program’s old name was the Miami University Redskins. The logos used during this period comprised the large red “M” and the head of an Indian wearing a feather headdress.


Miami (Ohio) RedHawks Logo-1997

In 1996, the program was officially renamed the RedHawks. The same year, they adopted a Miami (Ohio) RedHawks logo featuring an angled view of the hawk’s head.

2014 – Today

Miami (Ohio) RedHawks Logo
The redesign of 2014 introduced a refreshed and elevated Red Hawks visual identity, with the o key element — a sharp and modern letter “M” with elongated bars and pointed ends. The letter is executed in a dark and intense shade of red and outlined in thick black, fully repeating the red contours of the character. The new emblem looks powerful and evoked a sense of energy and determination.

Miami (Ohio) RedHawks ice hockey

Miami (Ohio) RedHawks ice hockey logo

During their years in the Central Collegiate Hockey Association, the schools claimed to have had one of the most successful ice hockey teams in the league. Miami University is proud of its Goggin Ice Center, which is used as the home arena. In 2009, the RedHawks became the first intercollegiate program from Miami to have reached the Frozen Four in its whole history.

Miami (Ohio) RedHawks football

Miami (Ohio) RedHawks football logo

The university’s football team is among America’s oldest. It started play in 1888.

What is Miami Ohio RedHawks?
Miami Ohio RedHawks is the name of the university athletic program from the Miami University in Ohio. The team competes in Division I of NSAA and is most known for its football and basketball directions.

Miami (Ohio) RedHawks Colors

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