Loyola Ramblers Logo

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The logo of the athletic teams representing Loyola University Chicago features LU Wolf, the university’s mascot.

Meaning and history

Loyola Ramblers logo history

1999 – 2011

Loyola Ramblers Logo-1999

On both the old Loyola Ramblers logo and current one, you can see only the wolf’s muzzle. The old version introduced in 1999 places the muzzle inside a shield, where it is surrounded by the words “Loyola University Chicago” (on the top) and “Ramblers” (below).

2012 – Today

Loyola Ramblers Logo

In 2012, the Ramblers updated their emblem. The head moved to the top, while the lettering on the Loyola Ramblers logo grew larger and more prominent.

Loyola Ramblers basketball

Loyola Ramblers basketball logo

The men’s team has played in six NCAA Tournaments, five National Invitation Tournaments, and one College Basketball Invitational. Although the women’s team has never played in the NCAA Tournament, they finished as runner up in the tournament final on two occasions.

Loyola Ramblers soccer

Loyola Ramblers soccer logo

The Rambler’s head coach is Neil Jones, their home arena is Loyola Soccer Park in the neighborhood of Chicago.