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The Wichita Thunder’s inception was in 1992 and since then the ice hockey team have been based in the same place ‒ Wichita, Kansas.

Meaning and history

Wichita Thunder Logo history

1992 — 1997

Wichita Thunder Logo 1992

As the thunder theme is rather hackneyed, it is difficult to come up with something special. The Wichita Thunder’s first logo is just the team’s name in black and blue and a blue lightening bolt.

1997 — 2008

Wichita Thunder Logo 1997

They marked the 2003-2004 season with a more modern and detailed logo. In the foreground there is the team’s name. “Wichita” is in white and “Thunder” is in blue outlined in white and black. The letter “N” is the image of a lightening bolt. A hockey attribute appears in this logo ‒ a black puck below the wordmark to the right. Behind the wordmark there is an abstract image of a storm depicted in black, white and purple.

2008 — 2014

Wichita Thunder Logo 2008

2014 — 2016

Wichita Thunder Logo 2014

The 2014 version features a slightly different color scheme ‒ the image of the swirl is in black, gray, white and blue.

2016 — Today

Wichita Thunder logo
In the 2016 logo the thunder theme acquired a new look. They included the hammer used by the Norse god of thunder Thor. The head of the hammer is blue and white. A gray thunderbolt goes from it below and around the hammer. “Wichita” in white is on a blue background. “Thunder” is in white with gray shadow surrounded by a black border.