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The Western Illinois Leathernecks is an athletic program representing Western Illinois University (WIU), primarily known for its competitive college sports teams. The program is owned by Western Illinois University and encompasses various men’s and women’s sports, including football, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Headquartered in Macomb, Illinois, the Leathernecks are unique in collegiate sports for their connection to the United States Marine Corps, a relationship that dates back to 1927. The Leathernecks compete in the Summit League for most sports and the Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC) for football, making them a well-recognized name in NCAA Division I athletics.

Meaning and history

Western Illinois Leathernecks Logo history

The Western Illinois Leathernecks athletic program was established in 1927 by Ray “Rock” Hanson, a former Marine and long-time athletic director at WIU. Hanson was instrumental in developing the program’s strong identity and its unique affiliation with the U.S. Marine Corps, a distinction that sets the Leathernecks apart from other college sports teams. This partnership allowed the team to adopt the Marine Corps nickname “Leathernecks” and the bulldog mascot, symbolizing toughness and resilience.

Over the years, the Leathernecks have achieved numerous milestones. In the 1970s, the men’s basketball team reached the NCAA Division II tournament several times, showcasing their competitive spirit and skill. The football team has also seen success, with multiple appearances in the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) playoffs. One of the most notable achievements came in 2003 when the football team reached the quarterfinals of the FCS playoffs, demonstrating the program’s strength and determination.

In addition to football and basketball, the Leathernecks have excelled in other sports. The women’s soccer team has won several Summit League titles, while the men’s and women’s track and field teams have produced numerous conference champions and All-Americans. The Leathernecks’ commitment to excellence is evident in their consistent performance across various sports.

Today, the Western Illinois Leathernecks continue to be a prominent force in collegiate athletics. The program is committed to developing student-athletes both on and off the field, emphasizing academic achievement and community involvement. With a rich history and a dedication to excellence, the Leathernecks remain a symbol of pride for Western Illinois University and its supporters.

What is Western Illinois Leathernecks?
The Western Illinois Leathernecks is the athletic program of Western Illinois University, known for its unique affiliation with the U.S. Marine Corps. The program competes in NCAA Division I athletics and includes various men’s and women’s sports teams, emphasizing academic and athletic excellence.

The centerpiece of the emblem is the head of a bulldog wearing a collar with sharp elements going all around it. The bulldog is yellow with purple trim. Behind the head, you can see the lettering “Western Illinois” in large purple letters with yellow trim. The first letters are larger than the last, which creates a dynamic feel.

Western Illinois Leathernecks Colors

HEX COLOR: #663399;
RGB: (80,7,120)
CMYK: (81,100,0,7)

RGB: (255,205,0)
CMYK: (0,21,100,0)