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Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania, sponsors 24 athletic teams sharing the same name and logo.

Meaning and history

Villanova Wildcats Logo history

1968 – 1995

Villanova Wildcats Logo-1968The emblem introduced in 1968 featured a wild cat walking through a large blue “V.” The letter housed the word “Villanova” in white.

1996 – 2003

Villanova Wildcats Logo-1996In 1996, the logo went through a complete overhaul. Although the cat remained the main character, it was depicted in a different way. Now, you could see only the animal’s head and paws with the dark red “V” in the background.

2004 – Today

Villanova Wildcats Logo

While the older Villanova Wildcats logo was based on the cat theme, the current one has phased it out completely.

The current Villanova Wildcats logo, which was adopted in 2004, is nothing but a capital “V” in two shades of blue with white trim.

Villanova Wildcats football

Villanova Wildcats football logo

The Wildcats won their first national championship on December 18, 2009, under head coach Andy Talley. Today, their head coach is Mark Ferrante.


Villanova Wildcats Logo

As of 2019, the men’s team of Villanova University has been the NCAA Tournament Champions on three occasions (the latest in 2018). The total number of the NCAA Tournament Appearances has reached 38. The most prominent result of the women’s team has been their participation in the NCAA Tournament Elite Eight in 2003. They have played in the NCAA Tournament twelve times.