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Established in 1982, the Summit League, or The Summit, went through several names and brand identities before it adopted its current name in 2007.

Meaning and history

Summit League Logo history

In the realm of collegiate athletics, The Summit League stands out with its establishment in 1982, initially known as the Mid-Continent Conference. This league, transitioning into The Summit League in 2007, embarked on a journey marked by a commitment to fostering a high-caliber athletic and academic environment. Its history is adorned with the expansion of member schools and the enhancement of its sports programs, underlining its growth and adaptability in the dynamic landscape of college sports.

Central to The Summit League’s legacy are its remarkable achievements. The league has been a cradle for nurturing student-athletes who excel not only in their respective sports but also academically. This dual focus has culminated in outstanding national championship performances, especially in basketball, where the league has often shone. The Summit League prides itself on a holistic approach to the student-athlete experience, as evidenced by the numerous academic accolades received by its participants.

In recent times, The Summit League continues to fortify its presence in collegiate athletics. Its current stature is characterized by a diverse and competitive assortment of member universities, each contributing to the league’s reputation for cultivating nationally recognized athletic talent. This enduring commitment to excellence in both sports and academics cements The Summit League’s esteemed position in the collegiate sports domain.

What is The Summit League?
It is a distinctive Division I collegiate athletic conference, celebrated for its harmonious blend of athletic competitiveness and academic dedication. Hosting a variety of member institutions, The Summit League provides a nurturing ground for student-athletes to achieve prowess in their sports disciplines while upholding academic virtues. Its esteemed standing in the collegiate sports world is a testament to its success in fostering well-rounded individuals who excel on the field and in the classroom.

1982 – 2007

Mid-Continent Conference Logo 1982
Back when it was Mid-Continent Conference, they placed this name in three lines. The two first lines were occupied by the first word, divided in two lines of dark blue text of big bold letters. The last word was placed below in small white letters onto a red stripe. Above, two arches of red and blue were placed like a two-layered rainbow.

2008 – Today

Logo The Summit League

Since 2008, the Summit League logo has remained virtually unchanged. The “summit” theme is represented here by a large grey mountain, which can be seen above the name of the league. The word “Summit” is given in bold capital letters with white and blue trim, while the words “the” and “summit” are smaller and are given only in blue.

There is a peculiar white gap above the first “M” in the word “Summit.” Apparently, it represents a white cloud and in this way emphasizes the height of the mountain.

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