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Wcostream is the name of the web portal, dedicated to all kinds of anime cartoons. The name WCOstream is shortened from “Watch Cartoons Online”. In less than two years the platform has gained popularity, getting more than half a million visitors monthly. WCOstream is a free content website.

Meaning and history

Wcostream is a web portal with a huge anime collection, which is available for watching online and for downloading. The website offers cartoons in various categories, including dubbed and subbed anime, movies, series, and cartoons.

To watch any content from Wcostream you only need to enter the website, and VPN is the best option here. Then you choose the needed category in a simple and convenient menu on the platform and watch or download a file you need. In case of downloading, you can select from several size options: from 70MB for a series episode to 300MB for a movie. Wcostream offers Full HD options too.

The website with the anime collection is completely free for users from all over the world, as it earns from on-site advertising. So yes, you will have to spend a couple of minutes of your time watching ads, but it is absolutely worth it.

What is WCOstream?
WCOstream is an online platform with a wide range of anime and manga content, available to watch and download for free. The name of the service is deciphered as “Watch Cartoons Online”, which fully describes the essence of the platform.

WCOstream Logo

WCOstream Logo

The Wcostream.com visual identity is nothing complicated, but bright, intense, and lively. The platform has bet on the simplicity of design and strong color contrast, which is more than logical for what is offered on the site.

The primary Wcostream logo is composed of two horizontally oriented banners, set in two levels. The upper one features a light white to gray gradient background, and a bold futuristic sans-serif “Watch” inscription in dark orange on it. The word is written in the title case and has its letters placed pretty far from each other, which gives air and lightness to the badge.

The bottom banner is wider and longer and has two sections: the left in dark orange, with its right border triangular sharpened, and the right section in yellow. On the orange part of the banner you can see the bold enlarged “Anime” lettering in all capitals, but with the first letter bigger than others. The word is written in a custom sans-serif with its massive letters featuring uneven, slightly torn, contours. As for the right, yellow, part of the badge, it has the orange “Dub” written over it in the same typeface as the “Watch”, but with thinner lines.

Wcostream also has a secondary logo version, which is barely used. This is the insignia with the graphical part, depicting a young man drawn in anime style, placed on the left from the bold orange “WCO Stream” inscription, executed in a modern angular sans-serif typeface. The man has blond hair, waving up and back, and is wearing a black and orange jacket, which balanced the color of the wordmark.

Font and color

The bright and intense badge of the WCOstream platform uses three different fonts for the lettering. The top-line features a modern designer sans-serif typeface with interesting shapes of the letters, while the “Anime” is set in a bold geometric font with torn contours, and the “Dub” uses the type, close to the one from the top line, but with the letters a bit narrower and taller.

As for the color palette of the WCOstream visual identity, it is based on various shades of orange and yellow, with some cold and warm white additions. This combination of colors looks very welcoming and friendly, showing the attention of the service to the needs of its users, and the energy of discovering new names, cartoons, and series for people to watch.