Orbitz Logo

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Orbitz Logo
Orbitz is the name of an American website, which specializes in tourism and travel. The aggregator lets you find the cheapest and most convenient flight and hotels all over the world. Launched in 2001, today the company is one of the most famous travel service providers in the USA.

Meaning and history

Orbitz Logo history

The Orbitz logo is simple yet strong and memorable. Composed of a wordmark, it features a graphical element replacing the first letter “O”, which is also a brand’s signifier.
The Or its wordmark in all capitals is written in an italicized extra bold sans-serif typeface with distinct lines and rounded angles of “R”, “B” and “I”, while the last two letters, “T” and “Z” are sharp and strong. The diagonal cuts of the “Z” horizontal bars make the logo look dynamic and contemporary.
The first “O” of the wordmark, which is also a signifier and the icon of the brand, is composed of two arrows, navy blue, and lighter blue, which symbolize the movement.
The two shades of the blue color palette of the brand’s logo is a reflection of stability and professionalism, as well as a creative and progressive approach to the services provided by the platform.