VLF Logo


VLF (Very Large Fabrication), a leading company in the industrial manufacturing sector, specializes in large-scale fabrication processes. Founded and helmed by CEO Johnathan Smith, a visionary in the field of advanced manufacturing techniques, VLF has revolutionized the way large components are produced.

Operating out of its main headquarters in Houston, Texas, VLF has expanded its reach globally. The company has established significant operational bases in Germany, Japan, and Brazil, catering to a diverse range of industries including aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery. This strategic global presence allows VLF to leverage local expertise and supply chains, enhancing its efficiency and market penetration.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1998 by a cadre of specialists with Johnathan Smith at the helm, VLF originated as a nimble startup with a focus on pioneering fabrication techniques. It has since burgeoned in size and stature.

VLF’s marquee breakthrough came in 2005 with a proprietary modular system that slashed timelines for assembling hefty parts. In 2012, it clinched the International Fabrication Excellence Award, recognized for its eco-friendly production ethos. A pivotal point was the 2018 launch of its cutting-edge R&D hub in Silicon Valley, marrying AI and robotics with fabrication.

Now, VLF is a titan in industrial fabrication. It breaks new ground, delving into renewable energy and teaming up with automotive giants on electric vehicle components. Financially robust and vision-oriented, VLF eyes a future rich with progress and pioneering works.


VLF Logo

The logo is a three-dimensional, stylized emblem with a design that suggests modernity and precision. It features a central diamond-like shape with sharp, geometric lines, creating an abstract representation of an arrow pointing upwards, which could symbolize progress or direction.

The color palette consists of a gradient of deep blue at the top that fades into white towards the bottom, separated by a silver or grey border that accentuates the logo’s contours. The letters “VLF” are boldly inscribed at the base of the shape, with the “V” integrated into the lower point of the diamond, and the “LF” flanking it on the right side, all capitalized and in a sleek, sans-serif typeface that complements the futuristic feel of the emblem.