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Baltijas Dzips, active in Riga, was known for its BD-1322 Tantor model, designed by Dmitrijs Parfenovs under the “Pilots” project. Initially developed in a design office named “Stils”, its production involved transferring body part manufacturing to the Baltic states. Felix Tontegode improved its design, obtaining certification for small-scale production. The brand remained a limited-production model with a focus on pickup body type.

Meaning and history

Baltijas Dzips, a Latvian automobile manufacturer, operated briefly from 1995 to 1997 in Riga under the leadership of Felix Tontegode. The company’s vision was to produce vehicles daily with a small team of 12 employees, aiming for an annual production of 200 units. However, they only managed to produce around 10 vehicles. Their primary model, the BD-1322 or Tantor BD-3122, was a versatile off-road vehicle with options for different wheelbases, catering to agricultural and municipal uses. The vehicles featured both gasoline and diesel engines, with a maximum speed of 125 km/h and priced at about 25,000 DM.

What is Baltijas Dzips?
Baltijas Dzips was a Latvian automotive company, active in the mid-1990s, known for producing the BD-1322, a unique off-road vehicle. The company, operating out of Riga, aimed to blend local engineering prowess with the practical demands of off-road transportation, though it had a short-lived production run.

1995 – 1997

Baltijas Dzips Logo

The logo features bold, stylized initials “BD” in black, encapsulated within a red, rectangular frame, connoting strength and solidity. Below, “Baltijas Džips LTD.” is written in a simple, assertive font, asserting the brand’s presence and industry focus.