Vine Logo

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Vine Logo
Unlike many commercial logotypes that were developed during several months or even years, the Vine logo was created on the spur of the moment.

Meaning and history

Vine Logo history

As the company’s former employee Bobby McKenna explained, the designers had to “put it together in a single day due to a last-minute decision”. Although this was just a casual remark on a social networking platform, we have to believe it, as there have never been any official explanations from the company.


Vine Emblem
The logotype existed in two versions. The regular logo included the full name of the app, where the white letters were given against the green background. The Vine icon was actually a shortened version of the full wordmark. Here, only the first letter was used.
The first letter represented the app really well, as it was arguably the most recognizable of all the characters in the wordmark. It had the distinctive curve connecting it to the letter “i”. This part of the lettering reminded the way a vine loops and wraps itself around a tree.

Secret behind the symbol

Vine symbol
The Vine logo had a hidden meaning that often remained unnoticed even by those who have seen it thousands of times. Turn the image upside down. Can you notice the figure “6”? This number had a special meaning for the app, as this was exactly the number of seconds your mini-video could be.


Font Vine Logo
The Vine logo was not based on any of the existing fonts. The beautiful script resembling handwriting was created from scratch specially for the Vine wordmark.


Color Vine Logo
The emblem sported a comforting and laid-back color palette. Green seemed a natural choice, taking into consideration the “botanic” name of the company, as well as the vine theme in the shape of the logotype. One of the benefits of the color choice was that the app stood out among most other apps and social services, where blue was the most common color.