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Share the Love was not the first attempt of Stephen Sharer to enter the YouTube stage. The guy, who was born in 1988, started posting videos with unboxing content when he was really young. Although, throughout the years, the vlogger found his theme and his audience.

Meaning and history

Share the Love in its current state and with its current idea was introduced to YouTube audience in 2017. It was created by a young man from the United States, Stephen Sharer, who was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Los Angeles. The last city is the main location for most of the Share the Love videos, which Stephen films himself.

The content in the Share the Love channel is all reflecting its name — videos are taken by Stephen about himself, his family, and friends, with the family’s dogs also taking an active part in the filming. All of the clips are about the love of life, friendship, and joy. Very kind and sunny content has conquered the hearts of millions of people from all over the globe.

What is Share the Love?
Share the Love is the name of a popular American YouTube Channel, which was established by the famous vlogger Stephen Sharer in 2017. The content on the channel with millions of subscribers is all about the love of life and enjoyment. Almost all the videos are filmed by Sharer in Los Angeles, California.

In terms of visual identity, Share the Love is as optimistic as its name and its content. Even though the logo of the channel is set in a black-and-white color palette, it still looks very cool and cheerful.

2017 – Today

Share the Love Logo

The Share the Love logo is composed of a graphical image, formed by five geometric elements — four trapezoids and a heptagon — thick together and make up a stylized hand, showing the Rock On sing, which is a fist with the pinkie and the pointing finger up, and the thumb stretched to the side. All figures are placed at a slight distance from each other and are accompanied by a very simple title case inscription in a traditional sans-serif typeface.

Font and color

Share the Love Emblem

The lettering from the primary logo of the Share the Love YouTube Channel is set in the title case of a very simple and standard sans-serif typeface, which softens the bold rocking graphical part of the badge. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Myriad SemiCondensed Bold, or Innovate P Rounded Extra Bold.

As for the color palette of the Share the Love visual identity, it is based on the combination of black and white, which is sometimes accompanied by gray. These shades make the logo look serious and stylish at the same time.

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