Gartic Phone Logo

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Gartic Phone is the name of a gaming website, which was created in 2021, and only has one game, which is pretty similar to good old Telephone, where the chain of players are passing one word, and in the end, get whether the original one or something completely different.

Meaning and history

The young website has become popular in jo time, as the game is easy and fun, and here you can play with a group of friends, using a link, or join a fresh game on the website and play with completely unknown people from all over the world. The website supports different languages, but here you don’t only type the words, but also draw them.

Gartic Phone Logo

As the game was only released in 2021, there has been only one logo introduced by now. The Gartic Phone visual identity features a modern and bold purple and white composition with a graphical image and a logotype inscribed into it.

The purple old-school telephone has a bold white arched “Phone” written over it, with the letter “O” stylized as a phone disc. As for the “Gartic” part of the logotype, it is written in white rounded sans-serif typeface in white, with a bold purple outline, and placed on a white background between the telephone and the handset.

The white lighting bold symbol is set on the middle part of the handset, right above the letter “R” in the title case “Gartic”.

The purple and white color palette of the badge stands for the creativity and the artistic side of the game, but it also looks strong and stable, with the white standing for loyalty and transparency.