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Habbo is a social network, created in Finland in 2000. Today the network has almost 300 million users across the globe and is completely different from all the other social media platforms, as here you can create your own character and have fun playing and chatting.

Meaning and history

Habbo Logo history


Habbo started its path with the “Habbo Hotel” idea, which later was shortened, but kept its structure and system. So the first logo was created for the “Hotel” and stayed with the network for three years.


Habbo Logo 2000

During the first months of its history, Habbo was known as the Hotelli Kulta Kala, and this was the inscription on the original badge. The lettering was placed diagonally across the solid yellow square, set in smooth-brown capitals of a sharp and distinctive geometric sans-serif font. The clean cuts and straight angles of the bars made the logo look progressive and strong.

2000 – 2003

Habbo Logo 2000

The Habbo logo from 2000 was composed of three-dimensional lettering set in two levels and turned in ¾. The inscription in all capitals was executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with a thin black outline and a wide solid shadow, which was there for an additional geometry, architecture, and volume. The main color of the palette was yellow, but its orange shadow took almost half of all the color accents.

2003 – Today

Habbo logo

The redesign of 2003 has simplified the logo. First of all, it was shortened to just “Habbo”, and secondly, it was turned to face the viewer, so the three-dimensional effect now is almost gone.

The color palette remained the same, but the shades for elevated and gained some gradient tones, in order to add lightness and vitality to the lettering.

As for the typeface, it was also changed to a more modern and stylish one and now the letters are glued to each other, with no space at all.

The Habbo logo is bright and light, with a very playful and inviting character it looks like the emblem of a kids toy or puzzle, promising a good time and lots of positive emotions.