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Versace Jeans is one of the diffusion lines of the Italian luxury fashion company Gianni Versace S.r.l., better known as simply Versace.

Meaning and history

Versace Jeans Logo

If you compare the Versace Jeans logo with the primary Versace logo, you will notice they are not unlike each other. Both feature the same sans serif type with a varying width of the strokes.

And yet, in the case of the Versace Jeans Couture logo, the type is by far more compact. Unlike the main logo, there is almost no breathing space between the letters. The glyphs themselves are narrower than in the primary wordmark.

This approach was necessary to squeeze the word “Jeans” in the wordmark. It is written next to the word “Versace” on the first line, while the word “Couture” in large letters can be seen below. Here, the letters are also narrow and stand close to each other.