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Juicy Couture was established by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1997. The company specializes in casualwear.

Meaning and history

Juicy Couture Logo history

Juicy Couture was founded by two women, Pamela Skaist Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in the 1990s in Los Angeles. Pregnant Gela was in search of comfortable and stylish clothes and, unable to find suitable options on the market, friends decided to create their own line. The ladies invested 100 dollars each in the production – and elastic jeans for pregnant women based on the Levi’s model appeared on sale. The Travis Jeans line began to gain popularity. In 1996, the company’s name was changed to Juicy Couture, and its assortment included casual clothing.

One of the main hits of the new brand was tracksuits embroidered with gold threads and made of brightly colored soft velour. The popularity of the new products was boosted by tabloid photos of Madonna, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and other stars wearing soft peach or pink Juicy Couture garments.

In 2004, the grand opening of the brand’s first boutique in Las Vegas took place. Already in 2006, the brand released its first fragrance. Today, the range of products of the Juicy Couture brand includes a variety of products, including bags made of high-quality genuine leather and suede, decorated with fringe, bows, rhinestones, sequins, and hearts; shoes suitable both for lounge and for parties; swimwear; watches, sunglasses, and other accessories. Juicy Couture also has exclusive products such as Barbie dolls, which represent Pamela and Gela, and a designer version of the Sidekick II phone.

1997 – 2009

Juicy Couture Logo 1997

The Juicy Couture logo, used by the brand from the end of the 1990s until 2009, featured a funny emblem with the crest boasting a gothic-styled “P&G” monogram (standing for the names of the brand’s founders, Pamela and Gela) and three hearts, enclosed between the two figures of scotch-terrier dogs and a crown on top. The graphical part was underlined by an arched ribbon with uppercase lettering in a bold and elegant serif typeface. The entire composition was accompanied by a delicate “Made in the Glamorous U.S.A.” In a clean lightweight sans-serif font.

2009 – now

Juicy Couture logo

The playful and glamorous mood characteristic for Juicy Couture is reflected in its logo.

The name of the brand is given in an intricate, highly decorative script. While it has been inspired by Old English scripts, it does not look dated. The golden glyphs are decorated with highlights creating a 3D effect.

In addition to the name of the label, the Juicy Couture logo can also feature the lettering “Los Angeles, California” (although it is not always used). The text is given below, in smaller letters. The color is the same, while the script is more modern.

Font and color

The iconic Juicy Couture logo is instantly recognizable across the globe due to its cool gothic-style typeface, which has never been changed since the date of the fashion brand establishment. The Juicy Couture lettering, which can be seen not only on the tags and labels of the brand’s clothing but also on the garments themselves, is executed in a custom font, which is very close to such typefaces as Cloister Black Std Regular, Old English and Monotype Old English Text.

As for the color palette, the official Juicy Couture logo is executed in black and placed on a white background, while on garments it can turn gold, silver, or white, depending on the background. Anyway, whatever the chosen shade is, the logo of the fashion label is always eye-catching and recognizable.