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Moreschi is the name of an Italian fashion brand, which was established in 1946 in Milan. The label is known for its elegant footwear and accessories, manufactured from top-quality leather, but also has a clothing line for both men and women.

Meaning and history

Moreschi Logo history

Moreschi was founded back in 1946 under the name Morres. For some reason, the founder of the footwear manufacturing company, Mario Moreschi, didn’t feel like his surname deserved to be written on the badges. In 1957 Mario’s son, Gian Beppe Moreschi replaced him at the head of the company, and this is when the new chapter in the brand’s history started.

Mario’s son brought life and energy to Moreschi, and by 1963, when the brand was finally renamed, it has already been distributing other shoes and leather accessories to countries outside Italy.

The main idea of the Moreschi brand has always been in creating items from only high-quality natural leather, which would combine its external appeal as well as style and unique styles. Today the brand is engaged in the production of women’s and men’s shoes, outerwear, and accessories. All products of the brand are still manufactured in Italy, and the company successfully combines the latest technologies with the traditional craftsmanship approach.

What is Moreschi?

Moreschi is an Italian fashion brand, which was founded by Mario Moreschi in the middle of the 1940s. The brand is specialized in the production of means footwear and leather accessories but also has lines for women. The business is still fully owned by the Moreschi family.

As for the visual identity, Italian footwear manufacturer is both modern and conservative. The conservative part can be seen in the emblem, which is super simple and obvious; while the logotype on the badge looks not even modern, but futuristic.

1963 – 2000

Moreschi Logo 1963

2000 – 2022

Moreschi Logo 2000

The Moreschi logo, executed in a classic black-and-white color palette, features a bold and clean emblem set on the upper left corner, above the clean sans-serif logotype in all capitals.

As a truly contemporary commercial logo, it has more than one symbolic meaning. At first glance, you will probably see a pair of shoes facing one another symmetrically. Also, you will notice that the shoes form a larger picture – a black waistcoat on a white background. Apparently, the icon reflects the brand’s range of products based on shoes and leather jackets. The collection also includes bags and accessories.

The glyphs are based on a rectangular shape. Their stark beauty seems to remind that Moreschi’s core range is the men’s line.

2022 – now

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