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Jack & Jones is a Danish brand of men’s casual and jeanswear, which was estab-lished in 1990. Today the brand has a thousand stores in more than 30 countries across the globe and is recognizable and loved for its high-quality fashion items.

Meaning and history

Jack & Jones logo

The Jack & Jones visual identity was dramatically changed just once during the 30 years of the brand’s history. The recognizable and bright logo was replaced by a more minimalist one, which looks strong and confident.

The previous Jack & Jones logo was composed of a wordmark with a graphical el-ement between the words. The nameplate in all capitals was executed in a bold ital-icized sans-serif typeface with smooth traditional lines. The stylized ampersand was placed inside a red square with slightly arched upper and bottom sides and was colored white.

The black, red and white Jack & Jones logo looked modern and strong, yet it had a lack of individuality, that’s why the brand decided to make a redesign in 2018.

The new Jack & Jones logo is even more laconic and strict than the previous one, but it reflects the essence and the core of the brand, showing its “denim nature”.

The current Jack & Jones logo is composed of a wordmark, placed in two levels: “Jack&” on top and “Jones” on the bottom one. The inscription in all capitals is exe-cuted in a bold traditional sans-serif typeface with rounded shapes and the straight cut of the letters.

The nameplate looks confident and solid, while the ampersand is slightly italicized and adds a sense of elegance and playfulness.

The blue and white color palette reflects the denim focus of the brand, as it was the main fashion profile of the company in its very beginning.

The Jack & Jones logo is simple yet contemporary and powerful, reflecting the pro-fessionalism and authority of the company and showing their passion for denim.