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Utah Tech Trailblazers are the athletic teams of Utah Tech University, a public university in St. George, Utah. UT was founded in 1911 as St. George Academy and carried that name until 2000 as a public school and two-year college. From 2000 to 2013, the name was changed to its current best-known name, Dixie State University, and the institution was named Tech University in 2021.

Meaning and history

Utah Tech Trailblazers Logo history

Utah Tech Trailblazers compete in the first Division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Almost all teams of the program are members of the Western Athletic Conference, and only the football Trailblazers team attends the United Athletic Conference, which was established in 2023.

Since the university got its current name only in 2021, before that, the athletic program was named Dixie State Trailblazers.

Year after year, the institution is included in national and international rankings, regularly ranking among the top 10 best universities teaching arts and sciences. Thanks to its fame, it annually enrolls more than 200 international students coming from EU and non-EU countries. The student body is not only international but also gender diverse – Utah Tech supports diverse communities and any other club interests.

Currently, the number of graduates of Utah Tech University is represented by more than 40,000 professionals from various fields. Among them: are professional athletes, CEOs of companies, and musicians.

What are Utah Tech Trailblazers?
Utah Tech Trailblazers is the name of an athletic program from the Utah Tech University. The program consists of nine women’s and six men’s teams, which compete in different sports disciplines, including Basketball, Baseball, Football, and several others.

In terms of visual identity, the logo of the Utah Tech Trailblazers is based on the logo of the athletic program of Dixie State University. The renaming did not affect much the color palette and main elements of the badge’s composition.

2016 – 2022

Utah Tech Trailblazers Logo 2016

The Dixie State Trailblazers logo, created in 2016, featured a cool image of a bison, executed in white and gray with a double red and blue outline, and red aggressive eyes. The mascot of the athletic teams was placed above a blue banner with the two-leveled lettering on it. The upper line contained the lightweight and slightly narrowed white “Dixie State” inscription in a slanted sand-serif typeface, while the bottom line boasted a bold enlarged “Trailblazers” wordmark in bold red characters.

2022 – Today

Utah Tech Trailblazers Logo

After the renaming of the university into Utah Tech, the logo of the athletic program was redesigned in 2022. The contours of the graphical part were refined and strengthened, and now there is only the head of a bison in the logo. It is placed on a transparent background above the two-leveled lettering, written in blue and red, without any framing. The “Utah Tech” in red capitals is set above the blue “Trailblazers” in small caps.

Font and color

Utah Tech Trailblazers Emblem

The lettering on the official logo of the Utah Tech Trailblazers athletic program uses two different typefaces. The upper line is set in a custom designer font, which is pretty close to such types as Accelerator or Robofan, but with some significant modifications; while the bottom line is executed in a more traditional sans-serif, similar to URW Groteskade, or Corporate Strade.

As for the color palette of the Utah Tech Trailblazers’ visual identity, it is based on a fresh and cold combination of white, gray, and blue, with the red elements, adding passion and dedication to the composition.