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Colorado State Rams are the name of an athletic program from the Colorado State University, which was established in 1870, and is based in Fort Collins. The program of the public university is composed of 15 men’s and women’s teams, which are all manners of the Mountain West Conference.

Meaning and history

Colorado State Rams Logo history

The Mountain West Conference, the Colorado State Rams program belongs to, was established in 1998, and is affiliated with Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The Conference has 11 college members and has student-athletes competing in twelve sports disciplines. Colorado State Rams are one of the leaders of the Mountain West Conference in the number of wins.

What are Colorado State Rams?
Colorado State Rams is a collegiate athletic program of Colorado State University, which consists of five men’s and ten women’s teams, competing in various sports disciplines, including Football, Basketball, Cross Country, indoor and outdoor Track & Field, and a few others.

In terms of visual identity, the Colorado State University athletic program has shown an enviable consistency, using the same emblem for many years, and only occasionally changing its color scheme. There were just three minor redesigns he’d by Colorado State Rams since the beginning of the 1980s.

1982 – 1992

Colorado State Rams Logo 1982

The Colorado State Rams logo, designed in 1982, featured a stylized image of a ram’s head, placed on a solid green badge and enclosed into a double circular frame. The frame was executed in green and yellow when yellow was also used for all the lines of the image on the medallion. No other colors or details here — only a sleek drawing on a plain background. And it did look modern and professional.

1993 – 2014

Colorado State Rams Logo 1993

The redesign of 1993 switched the color palette of the Colorado State University athletic program logo to a calmer and more professional one. The shade of green got muted and became deeper, evoking a sense of confidence and growth. As for the stylized image of the ram’s head, it turned white, merging with a thin white circular frame, which now featured an outline in gold. The new badge looked simpler than the previous version, but this simplicity was synonymous with elegance and excellence, which made the teams keep it with no changes for more than twenty years.

2015 – Today

Colorado State Rams Logo

In 2015 the Colorado State Rams logo gets its color palette refined again. The green changes its shade to a more intense dark one, and the gold outline is replaced by light green, closer to moss. The new shade of green creates a stronger contrast with the white lines (which got a barely noticeable gray shade) of the ram, and the whole badge looks fresher and slightly colder than before, and this makes it more eye-catching when placed on the uniforms of the teams.