Bakersfield Condors Logo

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Bakersfield Condors Logo
The ice hockey team Bakersfield Condors was created in Bakersfield, California, in 2015 out of two teams, the NHL Edmonton Oilers that relocated from Edmonton, Alberta, and a minor league ice hockey team Bakersfield Condors that played locally in 1998-2015.

Meaning and History logo

Bakersfield Condors Logo history

The Bakersfield Condors logo debuted on April 2, 2015. It fit the name of the team perfectly. A giant condor was holding a hockey stick in its paws, while below it the word “Condors” in orange capital letters with a white and blue outline could be seen. The logo was based on the emblem of the old Bakersfield Condors team.


Colors Bakersfield Condors Logo
The emblem features four colors: dark blue, a comparatively noble shade of orange, dark gray, and white as a secondary color.