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The Gett logo is memorable, meaningful, and eye-catching. The dark male figure is somewhat intriguing, too – if you do not know what type of company the emblem belongs to, you may be curious to find out.

Meaning and history

The pictorial part of the logo showcases a figure of a man as seen from behind. He is standing with his right hand up as if he is going to give a signal to a taxi driver. The man is given in black. There is a yellow square with rounded corners in the background, although the man’s head and hand do not fit into it.

In what way is the logo meaningful?

Gett Emblem

In addition to the man’s gesture, the “taxi” theme is introduced by the yellow-and-black palette characteristic of a typical taxi emblem. Also, the square shape reminds of the chessboard design synonymic with the taxi.


The streamlined type with rounded ends makes the Gett logo perfectly legible and friendly. The “G” is the highlight of the design – the detail on its lower end is, in fact, an arrow, which adds some motion and meaning symbolizing speedy service.

Gett Logo

Old emblem

The previous version was even more explicit as it included the word “Taxi,” which reflected the brand’s original name “Get Taxi.” The man on the logo looked a bit less slim than on the current one, and there was also a thin black outline on the square.

Company overview

Gett is an online platform specializing in ride-hailing, taxi, chauffeur, and limousine services for corporates. The company had 964 employees (2019) and a revenue of $ 1.0 billion (2017).