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Flickr is an online portal for hosting videos, which was established in 2004 and today owned by SmugMug. It is one of the most popular services on the world’s internet and has its applications for both iOS and Android.

Meaning and history

Flickr Logo history

Flickr has a minimalist yet bright and memorable visual identity. It is modern and stylish. The Flickr logo features a wordmark with two graphical details as an icon.

The Flickr wordmark is written in all the lowercase lettering using a traditional sans-serif typeface, which is similar to Frutiger. The main design idea of the logo is its color scheme. The “flick” part is drawn in a bright blue and the “r” is pink.


Flickr Logo 2004

For the Beta version of the Flickr platform, the badge was created in 2004, and stayed active for a few months, until the official launch of the project. The badge was composed of a bold lowercase logotype in the iconic blue and pink color palette, where only the last “R” was set in pink, and the italicized uppercase “Beta” in a geometric sans-serif type, written above the two last letters of the logotype, in a strict dark shade of blue.

2004 – Today

Flickr Logo

The Flickr icon is composed of two bold circles, repeating the color palette of the logo. The circle on the left is colored blue, while the right one is pink. The two signature brand’s colors represent professionalism, passion, and creativity. The choice of intense and bright tones shows the company’s young spirit and progressive and positive approach.

The Flickr logo is laconic and stylish, with an emphasis on colors. It’s clean strict shapes evoke a sense of balance and harmony, and create a timeless iconic logo design.


The Flickr icon is full of simplicity, style, and humor. The icon is composed of a very light gray background, which can sometimes look white, and just two elements are placed over it.

The two elements of the Flickr icon are two solid circles, placed horizontally in one line, in the middle of the square. The left circle is colored in bright blue, while the right one is fuchsia-pink. Modern, young, and fresh, this minimalist design is remarkable and memorable.

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