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Meaning and history

United States Football League Logo history

1983 – 1985

United States Football League Logo 1983
While the United States Football League was only active for four years, from 1982 to 1986, it left an interesting design legacy.
The United States Football League logo has been obviously inspired by the flag of the United States, which can be seen both in the palette and patterns. The letters “USFL,” which form the focal point of the emblem, are visually divided into two fields. The top parts feature white stars on the dark blue background, while below, there’re red and white stripes. Of course, the similarity to the American flag isn’t exact. Unlike the flag, the logo features vertical stripes, and the colors are slightly different, too.
While the abbreviation “USFL” was rather popular, it still wasn’t familiar to each and every person within the country, so the author of the USFL logo had to include an “explanation.” He placed the lettering “United States Football League” below the main emblem sandwiching it in between two horizontal lines. The lines and the text are given in dark blue.
USFL logo
Apparently, both the abbreviation and the full name of the league are given in one and the same italicized sans serif type. While some designers may accuse the type of being pretty generic, it is also highly legible.

2021 – Today

United States Football League Logo
The flag of the United States has been part of the USFL logo since 1983. This logo is no exception. The designers used the logo introduced in 1983 as the base. They slightly changed the font, making the letters shorter and the stars slightly smaller. In addition, they gave the logo a bolder and more solid look by changing the blue to a much darker shade of blue. The red now looks more saturated as well. If one would set the two logos side by side, one will instantly see that the red and white lines are no longer the same width as they used to be. The new logo features fewer white lines and twice as thick red ones. This created a more powerful image. Finally, the line running under the initials was thicker, the full name was also done using a bolder font, and the second line was completely removed as the bold inscription stood out even without it.

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