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Roller Hockey International (RHI) is a professional inline hockey league. It was established by sports executive Dennis Murphy in 1992. Murphy, known for founding various sports leagues, including the American Basketball Association and World Team Tennis, brought a new dimension to the world of roller hockey. The league primarily operated in the United States, with teams also located in Canada. It brought together top inline hockey talent from various regions, showcasing a fast-paced, exciting version of the sport. RHI became well-known for its innovative rules, which differed significantly from traditional ice hockey, thus creating a unique viewing experience for fans.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1993 by Dennis Murphy, Roller Hockey International (RHI) quickly established itself as a groundbreaking sports league. It revolutionized the world of inline hockey by introducing a professional structure and showcasing the sport to a broader audience. The league’s inaugural season was marked by significant media attention and an enthusiastic response from sports fans, particularly in regions where ice hockey was already popular.

Among its main achievements, RHI was instrumental in popularizing inline hockey across North America. It served as a platform for talented players to demonstrate their skills on a professional stage. The league’s innovative approach to the sport, including unique rules and an emphasis on speed and skill, distinguished it from traditional hockey leagues. RHI’s influence extended beyond the rink, contributing to a surge in inline hockey’s popularity at the recreational level.

In its current position, although Roller Hockey International is no longer operational as it ceased activities in the late 1990s, its legacy lives on. The league’s impact on the sport of inline hockey is undeniable. It paved the way for the development of future leagues and continued interest in the sport. Today, RHI is remembered for its pioneering role in professionalizing inline hockey and its contribution to the sport’s growth and popularity.

What is Roller Hockey International (RHI)?
Roller Hockey International (RHI) was a professional inline hockey league. It served as the premier platform for showcasing the sport at a professional level. Founded in the early 1990s, RHI brought a new, dynamic approach to hockey, emphasizing speed and skill in a format distinct from traditional ice hockey. Though it ceased operations by the end of the decade, its influence in popularizing inline hockey remains significant.

The Logo

Roller Hockey International logo

The elliptical shapes on the Roller Hockey International logo give a visual hint to the fact that the league deals with roller in-line hockey. Also, to the right of the “wheels,” a part of a blue hockey stick can be seen, which is another visual clue.

Eventually, above the pictorial part, the lettering “Roller Hockey” in red can be seen. The letters are sloped to the right much more than in a regular italicized type. Due to this, the RHI logo gets a dynamic feel.

The “y” is a highly distinctive letter. It consists of two parts: a red bar on the left and the blue hockey stick on the right. In other words, the hockey stick forms part of the “y.”