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Truth Social, or simply Truth, is the name of a social media project launched by the Donald Trump team in February 2022. The platform is built on the same principle as Twitter and allows its users to exchange short messages, leave comments, and share posts.

Meaning and history

Truth Social Logo history

Truth Social is the third attempt by Donald Trump to create a social network to communicate with his audience after his accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube were blocked after the protests in the United States and the storming of the Capitol. The first attempt was made when Trump urged associates to switch to the Parler social network, and this literally destroyed the platform, as its applications got blocked both in Apple Store and Google Play for “insufficient moderation”.

In the middle of June 2021, the former president’s team launched another application, Gettr, which was also very similar to Twitter. More than half a million people registered there at once. However, right on the day of the launch, the social network was hacked, which badly damaged the reputation of the platform. After that, the former president demonstratively distanced himself from it. And now the Truth, Trump’s social network.

According to the creators of Truth Social, the platform is intended for those users whose opinions and political views are being purposefully ousted from the information field by such giants as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

It is not very clear yet if the new Trump social media experiment will be successful or not, as there is only a beta version of the application available in the Apple Store today, but has already reached its downloads limit of 500.

What is Truth?
Truth is the social media platform, which was launched in 2022. The idea of Truth Social came to Donald Trump after his accounts on all other social media were blocked. The new platform works on a Twitter principle.

As for the visual identity of Truth Social, it is composed of two independent parts — the version, used for the pre-launch of the application, but can still be seen today on the official website and some documentation of the company, and the new badge, designed in 2022, and consisting of a full-length logotype and an icon.

2021 – 2022

Truth Social Logo 2021

The pre-launch version of the Truth Social logo was introduced in the middle of 2021 when the Trump team announced the creation of a new social network. It was a strict and professionally executed badge, composed of a massive uppercase lettering in a modern sans-serif typeface for the “Truth” part, and a lightweight “Social” tagline in smaller size and thinner lines. Both parts of the logotype were written in a dark and calm shade of blue over a white background, but today can also be seen in white lines over a dark-blue rectangle.

2022 – Today

Truth Social Logo

The new Truth Social logo was introduced in February 2022, with the official launch of the application in the Apple Store. It has some resemblance with the previous version of the emblem in terms of straight lines and solid shapes of the letters, but that is it. The new logo features a bright blue (close to purple) “Truth” lettering in the uppercase of a modern geometric sans-serif font, with the first letter “T” having its horizontal bar divided into two parts, thus creating a small purple square on the upper left corner of the logo. This square is balanced by a green one, placed on the bottom right corner of the badge, and replacing the “Social” part of the initial design.


Truth Social Emblem

The icon of the Truth Social application is based on the full version of the logo and uses a white letter “T” with a separate square of the horizontal bar, and a green square dot in the bottom right corner. Both elements are set on a solid purple square with rounded angles.

Font and color

The solid and strict sans-serif typeface of the Truth Social logo is based on one of the modern fonts, such as Conneqt Black or School Project JNL, but with the first “T” stylized and redesigned. The inscription looks very stable and strong, evoking a sense of confidence and balance.

As for the color palette of the Truth Social visual identity, it is composed of three shades: smooth purple, white and bright green. The combination of these shades makes the logo vivid and eye-catching, creating a unique image, and making the social network stand out in the list of its competitors. Purple is known to be the color of communication and unity, while green stands for growth and wellbeing, and white — is for transparency and loyalty.

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