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StumbleUpon is the name of a search engine, which is based on the personalization of its users’ interests. The engine was created in 2001 and today has its versions available for almost all the operating systems.

Meaning and history

StumbleUpon Logo history
StumbleUpon was one of the pioneering products for differentiating the interests of the users to show them the advertising that might be useful for them. It started in 2001, and pretty confidently, making up versions for all the possible browsers and collaborating with the world’s strongest companies.

Although, during the years, the main browsers, used the millions of people from all over the globe, have modified their search engines and click technologies, and became able to implement the same mechanisms StumbleUpon was offering right inside their systems. That led to the shutdown of the company in 2018.

What is StumbleUpon?
StumbleUpon is the name of a defunct web-search engine, which was introduced in 2001, and stayed active for 17 years. The platform was mainly focused on advertising, and customizing the content, which was being shown to the users. StumbleUpon had its versions available for the most used internet browsers.

2001 — 2011

The first StumbleUpon logo was designed in 2001 and stayed with the company for ten years. The last redesign of 2011 keeps the shapes and idea of the previous version, but elevates it and makes more modern and cool.

The StumbleUpon logo is composed of a rounded emblem with a wordmark on its right. The lettering is executed in a bold traditional sans-serif typeface and uses black color, unlike the previous logo, where the “Stumble” was black and “Upon” — gray.

The StumbleUpon emblem is a solid orange circle with a stylized white monogram in the center. In the version from 2001, the circle was green and blue and the lines of the monogram were thinner. The monogram itself was also modernized and simplified.

2011 — 2018

StumbleUpon logo

The new emblem shows “S”, connected into “U” with a small arrow-like cut shape.

The intense orange and white color palette of the StumbleUpon logo evokes a sense of playfulness and progress. It reflects the company’s energy and progressive approach, as well as its young spirit.

Font and color

The latest version of the StumbleUpon logo did not contain any lettering, just the graphical element with a stylized “worm-like” figure, standing for the letters “S” and “U”. The bright orange and white color palette of the StumbleUpon visual identity played the main part in the design of the badge, evoking a sense of energy and motion.