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Trustpilot is a Danish review aggregator, which has been working as an online resource since 2007. Every month, they publish over a million recordings on companies across the world from their customers. This helps people share experiments, make a better choice and shop without doubts, while the companies hearing the reviews modernize their operations to produce the best consumer service.

Meaning and history

Trustpilot Logo history

This online review platform appeared in 2007 as a solution for the parents of the founder, Peter Muhlmann, who founded the company studying in Aarhus University. His idea was to create a review platform, based on trust between customers and businesses. This feature became the cornerstone of the whole affair, reflected in its name. Since then, they’ve created one of the most influencing web resources. By now, Trustpilot has published nearly 167 million client recordings about 700,000+ websites.

What is Trustpilot?
It is a Danish platform for online reviews of the world’s companies, published by ordinary clients. It was founded in 2007 by a student named Peter Muhlmann. He founded the aggregator to help people shop without fear of poor treatment and find the best products and services. It’s a free platform, which offers some additional paid-for services to businesses, such as permission to show the customers’ reviews on the official website, for instance.

2007 – 2018

Trustpilot Logo 2007

The first signplate consists of two major elements: a square emblem and an inscription with the name. The first one symbolizes a square with a tick – a symbol of verifying and trusting. The title is uppercace, and its ‘trust’ word is bolder than ‘pilot’.

2018 – today

Trustpilot Logo

The later logotype represents a five-ended star, drawn to the right from the brand’s name.


This nameplate has a semibold sans-serif typeface with small gaps between the characters. The initial ‘t’ is capitalized. The name of this font is Halvetica Neue Medium.


Trustpilot Symbol

The 2018 is composed of s simple combination of green and white. Here’s haw it’s structured: to the right from the green star, the designers wrote the black nameplate. If there is a background, its color is black or white. There are also inversed logo versions.

In the initial logotype, the coloring code is yellow, black, and gray, whereas the ‘trust’ word is black, ‘pilot’ is bright gray, and the square is yellow shifting to orange. On it, there is the black tick.