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Three Olives, a renowned brand hailing from the UK, is celebrated for its premium vodka offerings. Famed for its diverse flavor palette, it appeals to a modern audience eager for innovative drinking experiences. Currently, its primary markets encompass the US and parts of Europe, solidifying its international presence.

Meaning and history

Three Olives, the distinguished vodka brand with British origins, embarked on its spirited journey in 1998. Introduced as a super-premium vodka, it quickly captured the attention of enthusiasts with its fine quality and character. The brand’s initial spotlight shone due to its crafting from the finest English wheat, which lent a distinctive smoothness and clarity to the vodka.

During the early 2000s, the brand’s portfolio started to expand, introducing a range of flavor-infused vodkas. This move positioned Three Olives as an innovator in the market, broadening its appeal. Its eclectic flavors, from classic fruits to more adventurous profiles, were celebrated, setting trends in the spirits industry.

The pivotal turn in the brand’s journey came in 2007 when it was acquired by Proximo Spirits. Under Proximo’s ownership, Three Olives experienced significant growth and further expansion in its flavor offerings. Proximo Spirits, recognized for its strategic branding and marketing, played a crucial role in enhancing Three Olives’ visibility and presence in the global arena, especially within the U.S.

With its commitment to continuous innovation and maintaining high-quality standards, Three Olives adapted to the evolving consumer tastes over the years. Their production techniques saw refinements to ensure that the vodka retained its superior profile, regardless of the flavor.

In recent times, the brand’s sustainability efforts have also been noteworthy. Emphasizing eco-friendly practices, Three Olives has strived to leave a smaller carbon footprint while producing its beloved vodka.

Today, the story of Three Olives is not just about a vodka brand. It’s a tale of evolution, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As the brand looks to the future, its rich history serves as a foundation, reminding it of its roots while inspiring new chapters.


Three Olives Logo

The displayed logo represents the “Three Olives” brand, predominantly known for vodka. At the forefront, the brand name is artistically scripted in a bold, deep blue font. The first three letters “Thr” are distinctly separate, emphasizing the word “Three.” Just above the central “O” in “Olives,” there’s an elegant crown, hinting at regality and premium quality. The word “VODKA” is inscribed beneath “Three Olives” in a more straightforward, capitalized font, ensuring clarity of the product type. Completing the design, a registered trademark symbol (®) can be spotted at the bottom right of the brand name. The entire composition evokes a sense of refinement and superiority, in line with the brand’s positioning.