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Dewar’s, originating in Scotland, is a renowned producer of premium blended Scotch whiskies. Today, the brand continues to craft exquisite spirits, celebrated for their distinct character and smoothness. Bacardi, a global powerhouse in the beverage sector, is its current steward. The brand’s footprint stretches across continents, with North America, Europe, and Asia as focal markets. As Dewar’s evolves, it holds firm to its heritage, blending tradition with contemporary innovation.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1846, Dewar’s began as a modest wine and spirits merchant shop in Scotland. John Dewar, its creator, had a vision: to craft a blend like no other. Over time, his ambition turned the brand into a significant name in Scotch whisky.

John’s sons, John Alexander and Tommy, were instrumental in propelling Dewar’s to greater heights. In the late 19th century, they pioneered the art of ‘marrying’ whiskies — a technique where blended whiskies age as one, enhancing smoothness and character.

With Tommy’s marketing brilliance, Dewar’s became the first Scotch whisky brand to be marketed in the U.S. By the early 20th century, it was globally recognized, with a Royal Warrant to its name.

However, the winds of change were inevitable. In 1925, Dewar’s became part of the whisky consortium Distillers Company Limited (DCL). DCL later merged with Guinness in 1986 to form United Distillers. Fast forward to 1998, and Bacardi, the global spirits company, acquired Dewar’s. Under Bacardi’s stewardship, Dewar’s has continued to grow, consistently innovating while paying homage to its rich heritage.

Throughout its existence, Dewar’s has shown resilience, navigating challenges and seizing opportunities. Production techniques, too, have seen evolution. But one thing remains unchanged: Dewar’s commitment to quality and the art of blending. Today, Dewar’s stands as a testament to vision, dedication, and the timeless allure of exceptional Scotch whisky.


Dewar’s Logo

The logo stands out with its intricate Celtic-inspired design on the left, exuding a rich heritage. Adjacent to this sophisticated emblem, “Dewar’s” is inscribed in a striking, graceful typeface. Above this inscription, a delicate line bears “EST’D 1846”, marking the brand’s inception. Tastefully, a registered trademark insignia (®) finds its place at the top right of the “Dewar’s” script. Presented in a classic black and white shade, the design radiates enduring sophistication. The harmonious blend of elements in the logo speaks volumes about the brand’s storied past and commitment to tradition. Every detail, from the meticulous emblem to the choice of colors, mirrors the brand’s pursuit of perfection and reverence for its origins.