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Threads is a new social network introduced by Meta on July 6, 2023. It is analogous to Twitter, but Zuckerberg and the head of the company stated that the service was downloaded 10 million times in the first 7 hours.

Meaning and history

Meta’s app is literally a Twitter clone but from Zuckerberg. The description of the app in the App Store states that it is an Instagram program for text conversations. It’s no secret that the service will be closely related to the social network for photos because the development was done by Instagram employees. They took the best of Instagram and applied it to a new format.

In Threads, you can post text messages, add photos and videos, subscribe to other users, and comment on their content. The character limit is almost the same as Twitter — a post can’t have more than 500 characters, and a video can’t be longer than 5 minutes.

The main difference with Instagram is that the only way to interact with others on Threads is by reposting and commenting. There are no personal messages, and the company is encouraging you to share them in the familiar Instagram way. Threads also don’t have a feed of actual posts, and you can only see posts from those you are subscribed to.

The app allows you to publish text posts, attach photos, videos, and links to third-party resources, as well as subscribe to other people’s accounts, and like and repost other users’ posts.

In 2019, Instagram already launched a service called Threads, which was supposed to be a competitor to Snapchat. The app allowed you to share messages, photos, and videos with your close Instagram friends. The service was shut down in 2021 due to a lack of demand. The second attempt on day one seems much more successful.

In terms of visual identity, Threads somehow reminds of the iconic Instagram logo with its main element, drawn in the white line of the same thickness as its big brother’s badge. Although, it’s still quite different — looks more minimalistic and strict.

What are Threads?
Threads is the name of a new social network introduced by Meta in July 2023. It is based on Instagram but with an emphasis on text messages. In Threads, you can post and reply to text messages, like and share other people’s posts on your profile. The app is integrated with Instagram, which means users will be able to transfer personal data and followers from there.

2023 – Today

Threads Logo

The Threads logo, introduced on July 6, 2023, looks pretty much close to the symbol “@“, which we all know as the first symbol in any Instagram login. However, it still looks different, with the lines elongated and curved in their unique way. In the first hours after the presentation of the new application, several more versions of the Threads logo meaning came out. The first one says it looks like an ear, which makes sense, as literally means “listening”. As for the second version, it says, that the new Threads symbol reminds of a character from the Tamil alphabet.

Font and color

Threads Emblem

The primary version of the Threads logo does not contain any lettering, just a white symbol on a solid black background, hence there is no typeface to connect it to. As for the color palette of the Threads’ visual identity, it is based on the most professional and confident combination of black and white but sometimes can be used in blue and white, which looks more “technological” and secure.

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