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Rolls-Royce is a British brand of the world’s most luxury car manufacturing company, which was founded in 1904 and incorporated in 2011. The brand’s name is widely known all over the world as a mark of quality and luxury.

Meaning and history

Rolls-Royce Logo history

The world’s most prestigious automobile company was founded in 1904 and got its official name in 1906. Named after its founders, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls, the brand became synonymous with luxury and elegance.

Unlike many other car manufacturers, Rolls-Royce remains loyal to its heritage and roots and still uses the logo, created in 1907.

There were a few redesigns held by the brand’s visual identity, but the style and font are still the same.

1906 – 1934

Rolls-Royce Logo 1907

The first Rolls-Royce logo was composed of the brand’s iconic emblem, placed on an ornate coat of arms. The color palette of the earliest company’s visual identity was mainly red, which was a reflection of the Rolls-Royce passion and power.

The famous typeface was designed in the early years and was a perfect representative of its time’s style and sophistication.

1911 – 1920

Rolls Royce Logo-1911-20

1911 – 1934

Rolls Royce Logo-1911

1911 – 1973

Rolls Royce Logo-1911-73

From the 1930s Rolls-Royce started using a simplified logo — the coat of arms is gone and only the iconic symbol stays. The color palette was switched to monochrome, showing the brand’s professionalism and authority. The Rolls-Royce logo is a symbol of elegance and height quality in everything.

During the years, the logo got some silver shades and more refined and sharpened lines, but the original style and heritage are still there.

1973 – 1998

Rolls Royce Logo-1973

1998 – 2020

Rolls Royce Logo-1998

2020 – Today

Rolls-Royce Logo 2020


The Symbol

The Emblem

The iconic Rolls-Royce emblem is composed of a vertically located rectangular with rounded angles, the wordmark, and the brand’s monogram.

The wordmark in capital letters is split into two parts, with the “Rolls” on the top and “Royce” on the bottom of it. The “RR” monogram is executed in a custom Art-Deco typeface with sleek sophisticated lines.

The rounded angles of the rectangular are balanced by the inner outline, which makes it even more smooth and elegant.

The color palette of the Rolls-Royce logo was the main issue of the brand’s redesigns throughout history.