Michael Kors Logo

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Michael Kors LogoOne of the world’s most known luxury fashion companies, the Michael Kors Holdings Limited has a wordmark logo and an emblem. Both may appear together, to form the Michael Kors insignia, but areoften used separately.

Meaning and history

Michael Kors founded his brand in 1981, but the first retail store appeared only 24 years later. Today, there are over 500 stores and more than 1500 in-store boutiques.

MK symbol

Michael Kors symbol
The main emblem is built around the interlacing initials, “M” and “K”. The left vertical bar of the “M” overlaps with the right vertical bar of the K, and in this way a single emblem is formed. The symbol is positioned inside a bold circle frame.
michael kors logo bag

Wordmark emblem

Michael Kors emblem
Simple, yet effective, the wordmark logo represents everything what the Michael Kors brand stands for. It is elegant and full of understated chic.


Font Michael Kors Logo
The sans serif typeface is bold and sleek. It looks very much like a customized version of the Proxima Nova, Grotesque, and Gothom types.


Color Michael Kors Logo
The Michael Kors logo may be given in a variety of colors, as it is often the case with the emblems of clothing and footwear brands. In each case, the color is chosen according to the palette of the item the logo appears on. Some of the most typical choices include black or gold against the white background.