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Victorinox is a famous trademark of knives fabricating company from Switzerland, which was established in 1884 by Karl Elsener. The brand became popular due to making knives for the Swiss Army and today it also designs high-end watches.

Meaning and history

Victorinox Logo history

1884 – 1943

Victorinox Logo 1884

The original logo was completely black. It used the image of an umbrella as the centerpiece, except there was some blank space in the middle. It was in turn occupied by the company’s name in thin serif letters.

1943 – Today

Victorinox logo

The Victorinox visual identity is a tribute to the company’s heritage and its roots. Based on the symbol and color palette of the Swiss flag, the company’s logo is well-known all over the globe.

The Victorinox insignia is Cross and Shield, which first came off in the brand’s visual identity in 1909 in order to differentiate the company’s knives from the opponents. The logo stuck to the label and today it is a truly iconic example of branding design.

The red shield in the white outline has five-pointed angles and its upper part arched. The intense red background is balanced by a thin and fine outline of the white shield’s framing. The Cross is placed in the middle of the shield and has its horizontal bars elongated.

Victorinox Logo

For the company, its logo is very noteworthy and important, as the shield is an image of security, and the cross stands for endurance and positive thinking.

The white and red color palette of the Victorinox logo characterizes the company as powerful and progressive, yet with a strong link to its history and legacy.