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Vivienne Westwood is best known for introducing punk and new wave styles to mainstream fashion. The British designer offers a varied range of merchandise, which is often connected to her political views.

Meaning and history

Vivienne Westwood Logo

The Vivienne Westwood logo has a refined and bold touch. The name of the designer features an artistic type, in which every letter looks unusual and is a work of art on its own. You can see plenty of unnecessary (from the utilitarian point of view) strokes, curves, and gaps. This approach helps to convey the style of the brand’s products: they not just cover your body, they are statement items.

Above the designer’s name, you can see a pictorial emblem inspired by the royal theme. Also, the brand often uses the “V” pictogram featuring the initial of the name “Vivienne” from the primary logo.

What is Vivienne Westwood?
Vivienne Westwood is the name of a luxury fashion brand from Great Britain, which was named after its founder, an iconic designer, known for her love of rock-n-roll aesthetics and rebellious approach to fashion. The brand was established at the beginning of the 1970s, and by today has become a symbol of the British fashion industry.

Font and color

The Vivienne Westwood lettering from the official logo of the fashion brand is set in a custom serif typeface with thin and sharp lines on the ends of the bold and curved bars of the letters. The font was designed exclusively for the label, but it has some resemblance to such types as Raphael Regular and VVDS Organum Medium.

As for the color palette of the Vivienne Westwood logo, it uses a traditional the fashion industry monochrome combination, with black lettering and an emblem set on a transparent background. Black is a timeless and the most elegant choice, representing style and sophistication.