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Thairung is an automotive manufacturing company based in Thailand. Founded by Vichien Phaoenchoke in 1967, the company primarily focuses on the production of SUVs, commercial vehicles, and military-grade trucks. Thairung operates predominantly within Thailand but has also expanded its reach to various international markets. The firm is known for its innovative designs and collaborations with international car brands to manufacture vehicles suited to local needs. A significant player in Thailand’s automotive industry, Thairung has solidified its reputation for quality and innovation.

Meaning and history

Thairung Logo

Thairung was established in 1967 by Vichien Phaoenchoke, aiming to fulfill the automotive needs in Thailand. Over the years, the company has evolved into a reputable player in the manufacturing of SUVs, commercial vehicles, and specialized military trucks. One of the company’s significant milestones includes its partnerships with global automotive brands to produce models adapted for the Thai market. These strategic collaborations have helped Thairung maintain a competitive edge. Operating primarily in Thailand, the company has also extended its reach to international markets, further solidifying its position. Thairung continues to be a leader in the Thai automotive sector, committed to innovation and quality.

What is Thairung?
Thairung is a Thai automotive manufacturing company, founded in 1967 by Vichien Phaoenchoke. It specializes in the production of SUVs, commercial vehicles, and military trucks. The company is a significant player in Thailand’s automotive industry and has also expanded to international markets.