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Texas State Bobcats is the collegiate athletic program of the Texas State University, located in San Marcos. The program was established in 1921 as a university football club and grew into a diversity of men’s and women’s clubs in various sports disciplines.

Meaning and history

Texas State Bobcats Logo history

Founded in 1904, the Texas State Bobcats are the athletic teams of Texas State University, originally known as Southwest Texas State Normal School. These teams were created to enrich the university’s culture and student experience. Throughout their history, the Bobcats have achieved significant success in multiple sports, including notable victories in football, basketball, and baseball. These achievements are marked by conference championships and the development of athletes who have progressed to professional levels. As of now, the Texas State Bobcats remain a vital part of the university’s identity, continuing their pursuit of athletic excellence and playing a significant role in shaping the character and skills of student-athletes.

What is Texas State Bobcats?
Texas State Bobcats is the name of the sports program of the Texas State University, which was founded at the beginning of the 1920s. The program is the best-known for its men’s football club, which is managed by Jake Spavital.

1997 – 2002

Texas State Bobcats Logo-1997The old Texas State Bobcats logo used in 1997-2002 depicted an anthropomorphized cat with exaggerated upper paws. The name of the team was in the forefront.

2003 – 2007

Texas State Bobcats Logo-2003In 2003, a completely different emblem was developed. Its highlight was a side view of the cat’s head, which looked pretty abstract.

2008 – Today

Texas State Bobcats Logo

The same cat’s head remained the main element on the current logo, which was unveiled in 2008. However, this time, it is placed above the lettering.

Texas State Bobcats Colors

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RGB: (80,18,20)
CMYK: (65,100,100,35)

RGB: (141,115,74)
CMYK: (20,30,70,20)