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While the historic versions of the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks logo featured a Native American, he was replaced by an eagle in 2005.

Meaning and history

Louisiana Monroe Warhawks Logo history

The inception of the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks traces back to the establishment of their parent institution, the University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM), in 1931. Since then, the Warhawks have been integral to ULM, evolving into a prominent symbol of athletic excellence within the university. The journey of the Warhawks encompasses a rich tapestry of achievements, particularly in sports like football and baseball, where they have consistently demonstrated prowess at the NCAA Division I level.

In the realm of collegiate sports, the Warhawks have etched their mark with several outstanding accomplishments. A pinnacle moment was in 1987 when their football team clinched the Division I-AA Football National Championship, a monumental victory that highlighted their strategic excellence and athletic caliber. The baseball team too carved its niche, regularly participating in the NCAA Tournament, thereby bolstering the university’s reputation in the competitive landscape of college sports. These achievements have not only elevated the status of the Warhawks but have also been pivotal in nurturing a culture of sporting and academic excellence within the student-athlete community at ULM.

Fast forward to the present, the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks continue to uphold their legacy of competitive spirit and excellence in NCAA sports. Their steadfast commitment is evident in the continuous enhancement of facilities and resources dedicated to their athletic programs. As a proud member of the Sun Belt Conference, the Warhawks strive to build upon their historical successes, aiming to scale new heights in the dynamic arena of collegiate athletics. This enduring pursuit reflects a harmonious blend of their storied past and an ambitious vision for the future.

What is Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks?
Representing the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks are a dynamic collective of NCAA athletic teams. Renowned for their contributions in sports, especially football and baseball, they are a prominent part of the Sun Belt Conference, embodying a tradition of athletic distinction and academic commitment.

1982 – 2000

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks Logo-1982
On the emblem adopted in 1982, you could see a rather detailed side view of an Indian wearing feather headdress.

2000 – 2006

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks Logo-2000
While the 2000 version preserved the face of the Indian as its centerpiece, it was highly abstract.

2006 – 2010

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks Logo-2006
In 2006, a hawk appeared on the emblem, while the human disappeared.

2010 – 2015

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks Logo-2010
In 2010, the hawk’s body was removed – you could only see the side view of the head.

2015 – 2018

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks Logo 2015
The current Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks logo (since 2015) also features the head of a hawk.

2018 – Today

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks logo
The 2018 design copies the old 2000 logo, except the letters are now straighter. The letter ‘L’ also switched the old design of the Native American with a bird, as per the new name.

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks baseball

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks baseball logo
The Warhawks have had 12 conference titles, including Gulf State Conference Champions, Atlantic Sun Conference Champions, Southland Conference Champions, and Sun Belt Conference Champions (regular season).

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks football

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks football logo
One of the most memorable events in the football history of the University of Louisiana took place in 1987. They gained a national championship, captured in the 1987 NCAA Division I-AA Football Championship Game. Also, they have won five conference titles.