Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks Logo

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks Logo

While the historic versions of the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks logo featured a Native American, he was replaced by an eagle in 2005.

Meaning and history

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks logo history

On the emblem adopted in 1982, you could see a rather detailed side view of an Indian wearing feather headdress. While the 2000 version preserved the face of the Indian as its centerpiece, it was highly abstract.

In 2006, a hawk appeared on the emblem, while the human disappeared. In 2010, the hawk’s body was removed – you could only see the side view of the head. The current Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks logo (since 2015) also features the head of a hawk

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks baseball

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks baseball logo

The Warhawks have had 12 conference titles, including Gulf State Conference Champions, Atlantic Sun Conference Champions, Southland Conference Champions, and Sun Belt Conference Champions (regular season).

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks football

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks football logo

One of the most memorable events in the football history of the University of Louisiana took place in 1987. They gained a national championship, captured in the 1987 NCAA Division I-AA Football Championship Game. Also, they have won five conference titles.